I Met God by J. Neil Schulman
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by J. Neil Schulman

How a Twilight Zone writer found himself living in the Twilight Zone when God revealed Himself to him.

On February 18, 1997, award-winning writer, J. Neil Schulman, had an experience he later described as a "Vulcan Mind Meld with God."

It was not the first time Neil had been in touch with the Eternal.

Forget Oh, God!, Bruce Almighty, and Joan of Arcadia. As delightful as they are, those stories are fiction. These events really happened to J. Neil Schulman. And for the first time, Neil is telling his story in full. Of course you're free to make up your mind whether you think Neil is telling the truth or not, and whether you believe he's in his right mind or not.

In over seventeen hours of personal interviews conducted by author Brad Linaweaver, radio interviews on Jack Landman's Cybercity, plus seminars and poetry, Neil is finally revealing the depth of life-changing, challenging, confronting, weird, funny, frightening, paranormal, Kabbalistic, spiritual, inspirational, ecstatic, and otherwise extraordinary events that have led him from being an utterly skeptical atheist to a believer in God, although a believer who still regards himself as not being a member of any religion.

Atheists think that God is a mythical character that exists only as an invented product of human religions. Religions talk about God as if He's a missing-in-action ancient historical phantom found only in scripture. Neither atheism nor religion speaks about God as a smart, vibrant, witty, opinionated, eternally present, and very human spirit.

J. Neil Schulman's experience of God has been direct and personal, not filtered through scripture, tradition, or religious teachings. And, because he is a novelist, journalist, and screenwriter noted for his compelling style, Neil is able to describe his contact with God in abundant detail, with fresh insights and revealing new perspectives.

Unlike Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God, J. Neil Schulman did not seek to start a conversation with God. Quite the contrary. J. Neil Schulman was an atheist who found, despite his best efforts to disbelieve it, that God was starting a conversation with him!

J. Neil Schulman's personal account of his contact with God is unique, with a view of God that challenges traditional religious views of God as remote and authoritarian, and challenges a New Age view that denies God has a definable personality.

In I Met God, J. Neil Schulman tells you ...

  • How he decided when he was only five years old that he didn't believe God existed, a view Neil held until his 30's;
  • How even as an atheist Neil experienced paranormal phenomena such as foreknowledge of events, psychic communication, and supernatural messages;
  • What convinced Neil that God was not a fable but a real and present spirit with a fully human personality;
  • How religious scholars' totally non-Biblical definition of God as "omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent" have driven rational people into atheism;
  • Why religious people who will only worship God and Jesus if They are perfect and incapable of making mistakes are childish, prideful, and ultimately disloyal to God;
  • How God discouraged Neil from praying too much ... and how a few weeks later Neil had a remarkable dream that changed his life;
  • Why the disbelief in the afterlife, or belief in Heaven as a real place, is the single most important factor in how people make their fundamental life choices and form their political opinions;
  • What God looks for when He looks into a human soul, and how from His viewpoint God is not all-powerful but He feels almost helpless in the face of our individual free-will powers ...
  • And Much Much More!

J. Neil Schulman, author of I MET GOD
J. Neil Schulman, author of I Met God

If you're looking for someone real, intelligent, eloquent, and open-minded, who can tell you from personal experience what's on God's mind, J. Neil Schulman's I Met God is not to be missed.

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    Volume One: Brad Linaweaver Interviews

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    Volume Two: Jack Landman CyberCity Radio Interviews

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    Volume Three: Appendices

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  • IMETGOD_V3_08_Appendix_William_Kennedy_interview_02072005.mp3

  • J. Neil Schulman is the author of nine books currently in print, including his latest novel Escape from Heaven, as well as being a screenwriter who wrote for The Twilight Zone. His personal website is at http://www.jneilschulman.com.

    In Two Excerpts from Escape from Heaven Neil explains how God decided to "trade his omnipotence, his omniscience, and his omnipresence for the possibility of finding love," and why only Adam could redeem his own original sin in "The History of Creation" and "The Gospel According to Jesus."

    Read J. Neil Schulman's short story, "Day of Atonement," in which the ancient Hebrews take over modern Israel ... and kick out the Jews!

    On December 22, 2000, Neil came out of the closet and publicly admitted his conversations with God in Who Is God and What Was He Thinking, Anyway?

    Soon to be a
    Major Motion Picture!

    Learn more about J. Neil Schulman on his website, The World According to J. Neil Schulman.

    Read J. Neil Schulman's Biographical Info.

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